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Tactical Urbanism at LDC

LDC recently implemented a form of Tactical Urbanism. The term describes a variety of low-cost, incremental public realm design interventions to transform public spaces. Tactical Urbanism usually takes place on or around streets—in the public realm of communities. Here at LDC, we are implementing the term through the creation of a parklet using two of our parking spaces. A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street.

The LDC parklet will provide an outdoor seating area for employees to eat their lunch and enjoy the outdoors. It will also be the setting for company events and, why not, an outdoor room for meetings that will inspire our creative process. A big thank you to the Parklet committee members, including Jessica Bradshaw, Carlos Flores-Garay, Jim Madison, Emily Parkerson, and Irene Volenick for bringing this project to fruition.