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The Flats at Tysons Corner

Located at the intersection of Gallows Road and Aline Avenue just south of Tysons Corner Shopping Mall, the Flats at Tysons makes efficient use of land resources through the redevelopment of an L-shape underutilized portion of an existing parking lot with two multi-family mid-rise structures.  Special attention was given to instill new life and vitality to an area currently barren after-hours and on weekends. Proposed amenities included nearly an acre of publicly accessible park space, including a 2,500-square-foot “pocket” park, 14,500-square-foot “urban” park, 2,000-square-foot gateway-plaza area, and a 10,700-square-foot “pop-up plaza” with moveable furniture for events on weekends and after office hours on weekdays.

These amenities, which also will include public art, way-finding, and interpretive signs, will have a unifying theme. The pop-up plaza or “Virtue Plaza” uses pavement color on a portion of the existing parking lot to transform the area into a pedestrian two-dimensional maze which guides the user through a representation of the journey through life. seating areas and places of permanence located along the existing parking spaces will feature encouraging words representative of the main social values that guide us through the decision-making process and help us live a virtuous life.  This space is representative of the principles of our spiritual world. The other amenities throughout the site features elements of our physical world by highlighting the basic elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.